Following the Eagle Excerpt

Native American beadwork

The rider pulled his horse down to a walk.  “You any good with that thing?”
The words, spoken in English, got Ethan’s full attention.  He studied the man as he rode closer.  He looked to be about his own age, close to the same height, but heavier.  He wore a breechclout, leggings and a leather vest.  His long, square face was framed by jet-black shoulder length hair, parted on the left and tucked behind his ears.  He sported a thin mustache.
Ethan slid the unstrung bow into his quiver and set it aside.  “Not really.  No.”
“Heard you’re good with a rifle, though.  Killed three buffalo your first hunt.”
“Two, actually.  I just hurried the third one along.”
“Could be.  But the way I heard it, you kept Charley from getting killed.”
“My brother.  You led that cow away when his horse went down.”  The man pulled his horse to a halt, swung a leg over its neck, and jumped to the ground.  “Name’s Bent,” he said, coming forward.  “George Bent.”

That name again! Ethan eyed him curiously.  “Ethan Fraser.”
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George Bent and his wife, Magpie

George Bent and wife, Magpie

Native American beadwork

Nancy Jane Morton
Nancy Jane Morton
“What’s your name?” George asked.
“Morton,” she whispered, eyes darting nervously between them.  “Nancy Jane Morton.”  Her eyes brimmed with tears.  “Please help me.”
“Can you tell me what happened, Miss Morton?”
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By Paulie Jenkins


Accepting the hand Ethan offered, Laura Roper stepped from the lodge.  Squinting into the early morning light, she surveyed the mounted Arapaho warriors.   Her grip on his hand tightened.
“Will you come with me?” she asked, turning to him with pale, anxious eyes.
Ethan shook his head.  “I can’t.  You’ll be safe with Left Hand.  And when you get to the camp, the soldiers will look after you.”
“But I want you with me,” she whispered breathlessly, her eyes tearing for the first time since he’d known her.  “Please, Ethan.  I’m afraid to go without you.”
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Cheyenne captives
Cheyenne captives Danny Marble,
Laura Roper, Isabella Eubank &
Ambrose Asher
Native American beadwork

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